With a global pandemic changing so much about how we live and work, it's even more important for us to come together and help each other as much as we can. Attend LiveAlumni Talks to learn from your peers at other colleges and universities.


HOW IT WORKS: Each Talk will feature a guest host from a different College or University to lead a discussion with an open question format. The topic will center around the host’s particular expertise in the Higher Ed sector. Up to 20 people can attend the discussion which will be based around the questions submitted at registration and during the live session.

INTERESTED IN SPEAKING? We'd love to help you share your knowledge and experiences with your peers at other institutions. If you're interested in taking part in a Talk, get in touch to learn more.

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LiveAlumni Talks: Kate Maloney

Topic: Best Practices & Strategies for Data Hygiene

Institution:  Northwestern University

Title: Associate Director for Alumni & Development

Donor / Alumni Database: Ellucian Advance

Time: Thurs, July 29th, 1pm Central / 11am Pacific

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LiveAlumni Talks: Scott VanDeusen

Topic: Leveraging Data to Engage Alumni

Institution:  St. John's University

Title: AVP of Inst. Advancement & Alumni Relations

Donor / Alumni Database: Ellucian Banner

Time: TBC


LiveAlumni Workshops


Availability: Open to all LiveAlumni users.


(1) Training for New Users based on department.

(2) On-Boarding.

(3) Strategy Discussions.

When: 1 session per department per week. Drop in to as many sessions as you like, as often as you like.


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LiveAlumni Talks: Theresa Clark, Jim Lowry, and Melanie Car

Topic: Prospect Research

Institution: Florida State University 

Titles: Assistant Director of Prospect Management, Assistant Director of Research and Prospect Management, and Senior Prospect Strategy Analyst

Occurred  Wed, July 14th, 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

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LiveAlumni Talks: Michael Mathews

Topic: Using Technology & Innovation to Support Alumni

Institution: Oral Roberts University 

Title: VP for Innovation and Technology

Occurred Wed, June 30th, 12pm Central / 10am Pacific


LiveAlumni Talks:  Sam McCrimmon

Topic: LiveAlumni for Major Gifts Travel,  
Career Advising & Alumni Mentors

Institution: Le Moyne College

Title: Associate VP of Advancement

Occurred Thurs, June 24th, 1oam Pacific / 1pm Eastern


LiveAlumni Talks: Michael Moffitt

Topic:  Alumni & Community Engagement

Institution: Indiana Wesleyan University

Title: Special Assistant to the President

for Corporate & Community Relations

Donor / Alumni Database: Ellucian Colleague Advancement

Occurred Thurs, May 20th, 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern


LiveAlumni Talks: Karen Glose

Topic: Career Services

Institution: Northampton Community College

Title: Director of Career and Alumni Development

Occurred Wed, May 12th, 10am Pac / 1pm Eas


LiveAlumni Talks: Importing Data to Blackbaud CRM 

Topic: Importing Alumni Data to Blackbaud CRM

Institution: University of Alabama

Title: Director of IT, Advancement Services

Donor / Alumni Database: Blackbaud CRM

Occurred Thurs, April 29th, 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern 


LiveAlumni Talks:  Katie Maloney

Topic: Alumni Relations

Institution: University of California, San Francisco

Title: Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Occurred Wed, April 28th, 11am Pacific / 1pm Central


LiveAlumni Talks: Anna Simons

Recommended for Raiser's Edge Users

Topic: Importing Data into Raiser's Edge

Institution: Saint Xavier University

Title: Executive Director of Advancement Services,

Donor / Alumni Database: Blackbaud Raiser's Edge

Occurred Thursday, April 15th, 11am Central / 9am Pacific


LiveAlumni Talks: Joel Clasemann

Topic: Advancement

Institution: The College of Saint Scholastica

Title: Director of Advancement Services

Donor / Alumni Database: Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT

Occurred Wednesday April 7th, 12pm Central / 10am Pacific

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LiveAlumni Talks: Lisa Little

Topic: Prospect Research 

Institution: Central Queensland University

Title: Advancement Research Officer

Donor / Alumni Database: Sugar CRM

Occurred Thurs, April 1st, 9am Brisbane Time, 

Wed, March 31st, 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

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LiveAlumni Talks: Kimberly Elahab

Topic: Pipeline, Portfolio, & Prospect Management / Stewardship & Planned Giving

Institution: Colorado College

Title: Director of Prospect Management 

Occurred Wednesday, March 31st, 10am Pacific Time / 11am Mountain Time

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LiveAlumni Talks: Gena Glover

Topic: Segmenting & Targeting Alumni Campaigns 

Institution: Heartland Community College

Title: Associate Director of Community Engagement

Donor / Alumni Database: Raiser’s Edge NXT

Occurred Thursday, March 25th, 10am Pacific Time / 12pm Central Time

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LiveAlumni Talks: Robyn Doughty

Topic: Advancement & Alumni Engagement Strategies

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Title: Director, Data Quality and Management
Donor / Alumni Database: Ellucian Advance

Occurred Wednesday, March 24th, 10am Pacific Time

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LiveAlumni Talks: Jody Kitts

Institution: Camosun College (Community College)

Title: Director of Advancement & Alumni Engagement

Donor / Alumni Database: Raiser's Edge NXT

Occurred Thursday, March 11th, 7am Pacific Time / 10am Eastern Time

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LiveAlumni Talks: Nancy Blattel

Topic: Database Management & Importing Strategies

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Title: Data Management Lead for Development and Alumni Relations
Donor / Alumni Database: Ellucian Advance

Occurred Thursday, March 4th, 10am Pacific Time


LiveAlumni Talks: Valencia Mdiya

Institution: University of Witwatersrand (South Africa)

Title: Alumni IT Systems and CRM Officer

Donor / Alumni Database: Raiser's Edge NXT

Occurred Wednesday, March 3rd, 5pm Johannesburg Time / 7am US Pacific Time


LiveAlumni Talks: Daniel Wood

Institution: University of Alabama

Title: Director of Information Technology for Advancement Services

Donor / Alumni Database: Blackbaud CRM

Occurred Wednesday, Feb 24th, 10am Pacific Time

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LiveAlumni Talks: Sean Meehan

Institution: University of Hartford

Title: Associate Vice President for Development | Institutional Advancement

Donor / Alumni Database: Raiser's Edge NXT

Occurred Thursday, Feb 18th, 9am Pacific Time

Berkeley College.png

LiveAlumni Talks: Flore Dorcely-Mohr

Institution: Berkeley College

Title: Senior Director of Career Services

Occurred Thursday, Jan 28th, 9am Pacific Time

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LiveAlumni Talks: Rob Boley

Institution: Wright State University

Title: Associate Director, Advancement Research & Prospect Management

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LiveAlumni Talks: Dewayne Neeley

Institution: Greenville University

Title: Director of Alumni Relations & Major Gifts Officer

Occurred Wednesday, Dec 9th, 10am Pacific Time

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LiveAlumni Talks: Michael Iris

Institution: Berkeley College

Title: Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations

& Career Services at Berkeley College

Occurred Wednesday, Dec 2nd, 1pm Eastern Time

golden gate university

LiveAlumni Talks: Shoky Monfared

Institution: Golden Gate University

Title: Senior Development Associate & Database Manager

Donor / Alumni Database: Raiser's Edge NXT

Occurred Thursday, Nov 5th, 10am Pacific Time

Gustavus Adolphus College Talks

LiveAlumni Talks: Tammy Knudtson & Angela Erickson

Institution: Gustavus Adolphus College

Title: Director of Prospect Research & Director of Alumni Parent Engagement

Occurred Wednesday, Nov 4th, 11am Pacific Time

California Lutheran University Talk

LiveAlumni Talks: Armik Allen & Rachel Lindgreen

Institution: California Lutheran University

Title: Executive Director, Advancement Services & Senior Director, Alumni Relations

Occurred Thursday, Oct 29th, 10am Pacific Time


LiveAlumni Talks: Ben Butcher

Institution: Boise State University Foundation

Title: Program Information Coordinator & Supervisor of Gift Processing (Raiser's Edge)

Donor / Alumni Database: Raiser's Edge NXT

Expertise: Alumni & Donor Data

Occurred Thursday, Oct 22nd 2020