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LiveAlumni Talk | Ben Butcher, Boise State University

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

In this Talk, Ben Butcher of Boise State University offers suggestions and best practices on how to import your LiveAlumni data into your Raiser’s Edge database. His suggestions cover the entire data import process from beginning to end.


  • Clean up data before importing (how to format and mark incoming data)

  • Importing Post Clean-up (removing duplicates, preserving relationships etc)

  • Post Import Tips (coding, attributes, consistency, prioritizing dates, etc)

  • Tips on when to import your LiveAlumni and what LiveAlumni not to import

  • Connecting with alumni with the help of LiveAlumni data

Ben and the other Talk participants go on to talk frankly about some of the challenges that this year has brought and share their expectations for 2021.


  • How has the pandemic changed the approach to fundraising?

  • How has the donor profile has changed?

  • Biggest fundraising challenges during Covid 2020

  • Concerns for 2021

  • “Wins” the pandemic has brought to light.


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