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Talk I Fiona McMillan, University of Stirling - October 2023

Topic: Using Alumni Data for Alumni Relations, Business Engagement & Career Services

Institution: Fiona McMillan, Careers Consultant at the University of Stirling

About: Fiona McMillan is currently the Careers Consultant at the University of Stirling but she's held a variety of roles in higher education and is uniquely positioned to share her insights on how to effectively use alumni data across different departments.

During this Talk, Fiona will specifically be sharing her insights on the three completely different ways she used LiveAlumni for her roles in Alumni Relations, Business Engagement and Career Services.

Join us to hear directly from Fiona about how she was able to successfully tap into the flexibility and power of LiveAlumni data.

Occurred: October 2023

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Fiona is just one of many inspiring members of the LiveAlumni community who have been sharing their strategies. If you’d like to learn more you can (1) register to attend one of our future Talks or (2) watch recordings of past Talks.


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