Event Planning: The Wine World Meets Higher Education

Working closely with our users has given us some fantastic stories over the years and we are constantly impressed with the creativity of the use cases our clients share with us. This creativity inspires us to go above and beyond to put together new strategies to share with all our customers.

Recently, a client shared an event idea that was particularly inspiring – so we got involved and compiled a list of potential invitees. We think this particular event can serve as a great example of how versatile your strategies can be when you’re using LiveAlumni.

The theme for the event: Wine! Our client was interested in hosting an event for all the wine connoisseurs amongst their alumni – and here’s how we helped them do it:

Putting Together Event Keywords

A list of well thought out keywords is a must when searching for individuals. Filtering through company names, organizations, employment titles, or specific searches in the query builder is much easier if you already know what you’re looking for. Here is a sample list we came up with for this particular event:

  • Wine
  • Winery
  • Winemaker
  • Wine Educator
  • Wine Connoisseur
  • Vintner
  • Vineyard
  • Sommelier
  • Enolog

Segmenting & Searching

LiveAlumni has various pre-segmented data fields and also allows its users to create custom searches. Below are some of the fields that we might search:

  • Title
  • Employer
  • Industry
  • Organization Memberships
  • Group Memberships
  • Volunteer Roles

The Results

Doing a bit of both, we came up with some impressive lists of people to invite to the event!

The first list contained alumni who participate in wine-based organizations or groups. Another included alumni who had previously volunteered at a wine-related event. And lastly we also put together a list of alumni employed in a wine-related industry.

Going Beyond Your Alumni

When deciding who to invite to an event, consider expanding your invitations to non-alumni.

In this case, an invitation to all wine companies in the area could be sent out. Since we already know that employees of these companies are involved with wine, it seems likely that they would also be interested in attending the event, even if they aren’t alumni.

What More Can You Do?

LiveAlumni has the unique ability to create lists based on any keyword searches – which allows our clients, as well as our team, to design strategies that can cater to unique use cases.

Below we’ve put together a one-page guide on how to put together creative lists for a targeted event!

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