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Strategic Location Planning in Alumni Engagement: Wartburg College's Success Story

Crafting Success with Location Strategy

When it comes to alumni engagement, understanding the geographical dispersion of

alumni can play a pivotal role. Wartburg College, spearheaded by Ellen Engh, the

Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement, recognized this and leveraged strategic location planning to fine-tune their alumni events, providing a more targeted and personal approach.

Knights Connect: A Real-Life Success

This approach was brilliantly showcased in the "Knights Connect Networking Event"

held this past summer in Cedar Valley. Wartburg regularly hosts events like these in

different cities as a way for their alumni to network within a specific geographic area.

On this occasion, by utilizing LiveAlumni’s detailed location data, Wartburg College

managed to identify and engage with alumni in the vicinity, setting the stage for a

well-attended and impactful event. This event in Cedar Valley became a beacon of

how effective location-centric planning can be.

The Power of Precision and Strategic Location Planning

Integration of location data in event planning enables Wartburg College to craft

events that resonate deeply with their alumni. It's about fostering meaningful

connections based on shared experiences and geographical relevance.

The efforts led by Ellen Engh illustrate a model strategy where tradition meets

innovation, blending tried-and-true alumni engagement tactics with contemporary

data strategies. Their location-focused approach stands as a blueprint for other

institutions aiming to enhance their relationship with alumni through impactful and

personalized events.

By using the LiveAlumni data to identify the top geographic locations of your alumni and

then taking the extra step to build out lists to identify the alumni within each of those

top locations, we can ensure that we have an accurate representation of our

geographic distribution of alumni to target for events.

Engage with Us for Success

Looking to emulate Wartburg College's successful approach to alumni engagement?

Reach out to us at LiveAlumni to learn more about how our resources can aid you in

crafting strategies that resonate with your alumni base, fostering stronger connections and more successful events.


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