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Strengthening Global Alumni Networks: Capilano University's Success Story with LiveAlumni

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For many higher education institutions, an extensive global alumni network is a testament to their reach and influence. However, maintaining and engaging this diverse group remains a perennial challenge. Brittany Haavaldsrud, Manager of Alumni Relations at Capilano University shared with us how she and her team faced such a challenge head-on with a unique strategy, leveraging the capabilities of LiveAlumni to remarkable effect.

Cultivating Alumni Relations Across Borders

Alumni are ambassadors of their alma maters, carrying the institution's legacy worldwide. Capilano University, which had pioneered the innovative Asia Pacific Cooperative Management program in the 90s, found that over the years, it had lost touch with most graduates of this transformative program. With the "Canada in Asia" conference approaching, the university saw a golden opportunity to rekindle these vital connections.

Global Alumni Networking & the role of LiveAlumni in Reconnecting Graduates

Time was of the essence when Brittany approached LiveAlumni. The service needed to be quick, accurate, and reliable. LiveAlumni responded by identifying numerous alumni within the Asia-Pacific region in record time. This allowed Capilano University not only to extend invitations but also to successfully gather a group of 60 alumni to attend the conference alongside the university’s President.

Educational Impact and Long-term Benefits

The outcome was more than a one-time event. The success of the conference set the stage for Capilano University to conduct further workshops with the same alumni. Their insights and experiences are now helping to explore the possibility of reinstating the Asia Pacific program. This move could reestablish the university as a significant player in international educational partnerships.

The Importance of Accurate Alumni Data

The Capilano University case underscores the importance of accurate alumni data in crafting targeted engagement strategies. LiveAlumni's employment data provided the necessary edge, enabling the university to bridge the gap between past and present, fostering a community of supportive alumni.


The narrative of Capilano University’s renewed connection with its international alumni is a lesson in how educational institutions can use alumni data and the LiveAlumni platform to support their strategic goals, ensuring their alumni relations are not only maintained but actively contributing to the institution's global vision.

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