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Driving Alumni Engagement with Speed Networking and Mentorship

Updated: Jun 27

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The best way for your alumni to connect before, after, or even during alumni reunions is also one of the most popular trends: Speed Networking and Mentoring with Upnotch™.

Speed Networking and Mentoring is a no-cost way to enhance the experience of alumni reunions for participants through virtual events, while also deepening alumni engagement with their alma mater – and makes connecting accessible for those who can’t attend in-person events. Using Upnotch™’s proprietary software that connects directly to popular platforms like Zoom, your community members are randomly paired with others who have joined the digital events in break-out sessions.

Speed Networking and Mentoring helps people find each other more efficiently in a fun environment. When participants click, they can deepen their connections during in-person alumni reunions even more, increasing overall engagement and likelihood of giving back to the University.

Benefits of Speed Networking and Mentoring for Universities

No-cost way to deepen alumni engagement

Because Speed Networking and Mentoring is a virtual event, there is no cost to host. No space to reserve. No tables and chairs to set up. No catering to order. No name tags to print. The ROI for Speed Networking and Mentoring is astronomically high since it is cost free.

Hands-off event planning

Events take time to plan. A lot of time. Virtual events also take planning in order to ensure that you are successfully meeting the goals for hosting it. With Speed Networking and Mentoring, all you have to do is invite your participants, show up to the event, explain the rules, and let Upnotch™ do the rest. And the best part? No clean up!

Instant implementation

Speed Networking and Mentoring has grown in popularity because Upnotch™ has carefully developed, tested, and perfected proprietary software that instantly connects to popular platforms you’re already using like Zoom. When you host your alumni reunion pre-game (or post-game, or virtual break-out session), Upnotch™ connects its software instantly just before the event.

Seamless integration

Upnotch™’s proprietary software integrates so seamlessly into popular platforms you and your alumni already use daily like Zoom, that no one will even realize the feature is not part of the platform’s original design. But, after the fun and efficient experience of being paired with other participants through breakout sessions during Speed Networking + Mentoring, they may wonder why no one has thought of this before!

High ROI, Low Effort While in-person events are undoubtedly effective ways to deepen engagement and cultivate development leads, their impact can be hard to track and often ROI is low. Virtual Speed Networking and Mentoring are high ROI, low effort.

Improve accessibilitySpeed Networking and Mentoring provides an accessible option for those who cannot travel to physical events due to logistical reasons, limited resources, or accessibility concerns.

How speed Networking and Mentoring Works

Speed Networking and Mentoring is the fastest way to drive alumni engagement because Upnotch™ does all the work. All you have to do is invite your alumni, sit back, and watch your self-sustaining community of alumni grow.

1. University Sends Invites Contact alumni using all channels (email, social, etc)

2 weeks is the ideal lead time

Segment cohorts (class year, industry, geography)

Cap registration at 100 for 40-50% attendance rate

Schedule as many sessions as needed

2. Upnotch™ Hosts, Alumni Join Proprietary software does all the work

Connects directly to Zoom

Instant implementation 15 min before event

Instant, easy-user adoption

If alumni can open an email or answer a video call, 

they can connect!

3. Alumni + University Grow Increase alumni engagement immediately

Create stronger communities among your alum

Build self-sustaining, expanding networks

Create better leaders who develop other leaders

Extend Career Services

Enhance DEI

Add Value to Tuition

Remind alumni of University’s impact

Strengthen positive associations with alma mater

Convert development leads

An Inside Look at Speed Networking and Mentoring

University alumni networking and connecting through virtual mentorship and networking with Upnotch

Speed Networking and Mentoring is fun, easy, and the best way to drive alumni engagement and giving – because Upnotch™ does all the work. After you’ve invited your alumni, all they have to do is join a Zoom call, connect, grow, and engage. All universities have to do is provide 6 ice-breaker questions in advance to help facilitate break-out sessions. Upnotch™ takes care of everything else.

1. Introduction

Alumni join zoom

University 5 minute overview

Upnotch Set up breakout rooms

2. Break-out sessions

Alumni Connect, grow, learn in 6 sessions

University Provide 6 ice-breakers in advance to start sessions

Upnotch™ Upnotch™ moves guests from room to room

If guests leave early or drop, that’s okay!

1-minute countdown lets alumni know session’s almost up

3. Conclusion

Alumni Engage after event, give back

University Receive important alumni feedback, share success online

Upnotch™ Share the power of networking and mentoring, for free!


Speed Networking and Mentoring with Upnotch™ has become so popular that now, we limit the number of participants per session but have increased the number of sessions in order to keep up with demand.

After reading testimonials, it’s easy to see why!

Even though it was virtual, this was one of the best networking opportunities that I have taken part in in my 30 years. Instead of walking into a physical room, and not knowing who to speak to, this format takes all of the anxiety and guesswork out of the equation. I truly thought it was genius! I look forward to the next event.” 

–Lauren, Sr. Director of HR

“I met some amazing women to have candid conversations about careers, lay-offs, and more. These types of events always remind me how many people are out there who genuinely want to help each other and see their connections thrive. I’m already looking forward to the next event! Surround yourself with people who help you grow and pay it forward whenever you can.”

–Kelsey, Senior Researcher at Microsoft

Plan Your Reunion Pregame with Upnotch™ Today

Planning your Speed Networking and Mentoring with Upnotch™ is as fast as it is easy to implement. While these virtual events are perfect to generate momentum and deepen engagement before alumni reunions, they can also create lasting impact after a reunion, or even offer virtual, break-out sessions that run concurrently with in-person events.

Contact Upnotch™ today to get started!


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