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Unlocking Alumni Data: Dartmouth College & LiveAlumni

A Glimpse into Dartmouth's Alumni Data Mastery

This week, we're thrilled to bring something unique to the table for our Higher Ed partners. It's not every day you get a behind-the-scenes look at how a leading institution handles its alumni data.

LiveAlumni CEO, Tatia Zuloaga, delved deep into this world with Carol Kowalski, the Senior Programmer Analyst at Dartmouth College and here’s what we learned.

Dartmouth's Blueprint for Alumni Data Excellence

Dartmouth's successful integration with LiveAlumni provides a blueprint for institutions aspiring to level up their alumni data management. Through a combination of precision, effective tool adoption, and continuous dialogue with the LiveAlumni team, Dartmouth has crafted a method that's both elegant and efficient.

Harnessing Data with Elegance and Ease

1. Seamless Import: Dartmouth has fine-tuned its data import process to an art. They use either Data Loader or SQL scripts to efficiently integrate CSV files brimming with valuable alumni information directly into their core systems.

2. Frequency is Key: Dartmouth's alumni data synchronization with LiveAlumni operates on a meticulous schedule in order to ensure that they strike a balance between resource optimization and data accuracy. They currently receive new data from LiveAlumni on a twice-yearly basis and import this data into their primary systems each time.

3. Tackling Company Name Variations Head-On: Recognizing that company name variations can occur when alumni publicly list their own employment, Dartmouth’s current process is to use the Company ID on the employment record when LiveAlumni can match it. Otherwise they simply use the Company Name provided by LiveAlumni.

Beyond Traditional Graduates

Dartmouth's commitment to inclusivity is evident in their approach to data sharing. By executing a standard query compatible with LiveAlumni's framework, they ensure a comprehensive alumni representation. From traditional graduates to certificate program recipients, every individual affiliated with Dartmouth is considered in the data synchronization.

This holistic approach amplifies the richness of the data Dartmouth captures with LiveAlumni. And their philosophy is clear: every association with Dartmouth deserves acknowledgment, and no contribution is too small.

Want More Info?

If you're interested in learning more about alumni data management or are grappling with import challenges, please lean on us! The LiveAlumni team, backed by years of experience, is here to guide you. Reach out for bespoke advice or even a casual conversation centered on alumni data.

As partners in your alumni data journey, we're always ready to help. Together, let's shape alumni databases that are robust, accurate, and ever-evolving.


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