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350% ROI with LiveAlumni: Walsh College’s Success Story

LiveAlumni has been revolutionizing the way educational institutions engage with their alumni and enhance their fundraising efforts for over a decade.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Walsh College COO, Tom Petz, who provided incredible insight into his college's experience with LiveAlumni and how the platform has significantly impacted Walsh College's alumni engagement, fundraising success, and overall ROI.

1. Calculating ROI and Achieving Remarkable Results

1.1 Calculating ROI

At Walsh College, the ROI was calculated by comparing the total funds raised from alumni through the platform to the cost of the LiveAlumni subscription. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform's impact, the college considered both direct and indirect benefits. Direct benefits included the increase in donations, while indirect benefits comprised of cost savings from more efficient fundraising strategies, improved alumni relationships, business efficiencies, and strengthened networks that could lead to future donations.

1.2 Remarkable Results

Upon analyzing the costs of the platform and the increased donations, Walsh College discovered an impressive 350% ROI. They attributed their results to the improved data accuracy, targeted campaigns, and personalized outreach made possible by LiveAlumni. By using the platform to identify potential high-value donors and optimizing their communication strategies, the college was able to foster stronger connections with their alumni, leading to increased engagement and support.

Their outcome highlights the potential of LiveAlumni to drive tangible, measurable results for educational institutions. The platform's capabilities not only improved the immediate fundraising efforts but also laid the foundation for sustainable and long-term success in alumni relations, development, and engagement with the business community.

2. Accurate and Up-to-Date Alumni Data

One of the key benefits of LiveAlumni is its ability to provide accurate and up-to-date contact information for alumni. With access to reliable data on 90% of their alumni, Walsh College was able to reconnect with previously unreachable alumni, thereby increasing the potential pool of donors and boosting their fundraising efforts.

3. Targeted Fundraising Campaigns and Personalization

Utilizing the platform's robust data analytics, Walsh College was able to create targeted fundraising campaigns that resonated with specific alumni segments. By personalizing their outreach efforts, the college was able to forge stronger connections with their alumni, which contributed to an increase in donations.

4. Efficient Fundraising Strategies

LiveAlumni's comprehensive data and analytics also allowed Walsh College to streamline their fundraising strategies. By identifying the most promising donor segments and focusing their efforts on these alumni, the college was able to allocate resources more efficiently, which in turn contributed to the higher ROI.

5. Enhanced Alumni Engagement

LiveAlumni not only improved Walsh College's fundraising capabilities but also facilitated stronger engagement with their alumni community. The platform's data and insights enabled the college to create more relevant and meaningful events, fostering deeper connections between alumni and the institution.

6. Ongoing Support and Collaboration

Throughout the implementation process, Walsh College received consistent support from the LiveAlumni team. Their collaboration helped ensure a smooth transition, and the ongoing relationship has proven invaluable in addressing any issues or questions that arise. This close partnership underscores the commitment of LiveAlumni to the success of their client institutions.


Walsh College's experience with LiveAlumni, as shared by their COO Tom Petz, showcases the platform's potential to dramatically improve alumni engagement and fundraising efforts for educational institutions.

By leveraging accurate and up-to-date alumni data, targeted campaigns, personalized outreach, and efficient strategies, the college was able to achieve a remarkable 350% ROI. As a result, LiveAlumni has become an indispensable tool in Walsh College's ongoing success and growth.

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