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Fleming College's Alumni Success Story: From GIS to Premier's Award

Identifying Success: Fleming College's Premier's Award Journey

Kyla Woods, Alumni Engagement Officer at Fleming College, recently illuminated a brilliant testament to the utility of LiveAlumni and the potential of engaged alumni. The story centers around a Fleming alumnus, Steve DeRoy, who has impressively leveraged his GIS education to transform communities and earn a prestigious accolade.

LiveAlumni in Action: Nominating the Achievers

Using LiveAlumni, Fleming College has been able to effectively identify alumni making strides in various fields. This tool was instrumental in pinpointing potential nominees for Ontario's Premier’s Award. One standout was Steve DeRoy, an Anishinaabe professional and Fleming alumnus, whose work in technology and indigenous communities proved to be award-winning.

Transforming GIS Education into Community Empowerment

Graduating from Fleming's Frost Campus in 1998, Steve DeRoy has turned his Geographic Information Systems (GIS) education into a powerful tool for Indigenous communities. By co-founding the Firelight Group and the Indigenous Mapping Collective, he has helped thousands of Indigenous people mark their place and space in this world, on their terms.

Alumni Success: A Win for Fleming College and Beyond

Steve DeRoy’s success and the recognition of his work not only validate the strength of a Fleming College education but also underscore the importance of alumni engagement. By using LiveAlumni, institutions can stay connected with their alumni, identify their accomplishments, and in turn, inspire current students and other alumni. Steve's achievement is a beacon for other Fleming alumni and the larger college community.


Interested in learning more about how LiveAlumni can aid in recognizing the accomplishments of your alumni and help forge stronger relationships? Feel free to get in touch with us. We're always eager to share success stories and discuss how our tool can become a part of your institution's success narrative.



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