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King’s University: Harnessing the Power of Alumni Panels

A panel of alumni speaking at a Higher Ed engagement event

Embracing Alumni Voices

King's University College at Western University Canada has devised an inventive way to connect students with their future selves – through the voices and stories of their alumni. By putting together diverse alumni panels, they're opening a window into the myriad possibilities a degree from King's University College can present.

A Panel Like No Other

These aren’t your ordinary panel discussions. The University meticulously organizes 3-5 alumni from different graduation years, career paths, genders, and ethnic backgrounds to form a panel. The objective? To give students a comprehensive view of what their careers could look like post-graduation.

Walking Down Memory Lane

The panels are an engaging blend of past and future. Alumni kick off the discussions with their journey at King's, shedding light on how their time at the University has contributed to their professional growth. From there, they share insights about their individual career paths, roles, and experiences in their respective fields.

Looking Ahead

More than just a reflection on the past, the panel is a forward-thinking forum. Alumni offer valuable advice to current students, sharing the lessons they've learned and the strategies that have helped them succeed. It's a golden opportunity for students to gain real-world insights and draw inspiration for their own career choices.

Engaging Interaction

The panels are not a one-way street. The Q&A segment provides students with a chance to raise their own questions, fueling meaningful interactions and creating a dynamic platform for students to explore their future career paths.

The Impact

This unique approach not only helps students gain a clear perspective on their career paths but also strengthens the bond between alumni and their alma mater. King's University College demonstrates an impressive commitment to supporting their students while fostering a vibrant and engaged alumni community.

Learn More

Curious to learn more about unique alumni engagement strategies like the one implemented by King's University College? Feel free to get in touch. We'd love to share more success stories and help you shape impactful initiatives at your institution.



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