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Denison University: Harnessing Data to Foster Alumni Relations

In the vast world of alumni relations, personal connections matter the most. They are the bridge between past and present, forming a continuous link that fosters pride, participation, and philanthropy.

Just take a look at Sara Benedict, Director of Prospect Development at Denison University. She’s been using LiveAlumni in an ingenious and heartwarming way to enhance their university's alumni relations and increase engagement.

The Power of Personalization

Using LiveAlumni's recent job changes reports (which provides updates on alumni profiles within the last three months), Sara and her team have been reaching out to alumni who have experienced recent professional advancements and have senior or leadership roles.

But it's not just any form letter they're sending out. Each letter is a personalized congratulatory note from the university president, celebrating their achievement. To add an even more personal touch, each letter is not just signed by the president, but it also includes a personal message and his business card. This personal connection makes the alumni feel special and valued by their alma mater.

Example Templates

Check out two of the simple but extremely effective email templates the Denison team used below:

Remarkable Results

The response to this initiative has been extraordinary, with numerous alumni reaching back out to Denison University. Ten alumni have already re-engaged with the university, offering to contribute in different ways such as mentoring current students, providing internships, or even getting involved in other ways.

Going Above and Beyond

This is just the start of what Denison University has achieved using LiveAlumni. With these personalized congratulatory letters, the university is not only celebrating alumni accomplishments but also reigniting their connection with the university. Sara plans to continue monitoring the benefits of this initiative and is eagerly anticipating future responses from alumni.

The Raving Review

The innovative approach to alumni engagement, facilitated by LiveAlumni, has not gone unnoticed. In fact, the president of Denison University has been "raving" about LiveAlumni, sharing with others the transformative effect it has had on their alumni engagement strategy.

Learn More

Interested in learning more about how you can implement some of the strategies that led Denison University to successfully re-engage with their alumni through LiveAlumni?


Images Used:

Denison University Main Campus. Source: Chamberednautilus, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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