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US College Presidents: Fall Opening Likely

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The American Council on Education published the results of a poll of around 300 college presidents yesterday. This is part of their COVID-19 monthly surveys.

In Early May, presidents from around the US spoke on the most critical issues affecting Higher Eds. These include current plans for fall and what reopening campuses could look like.

In-Person Classes & On-Campus Housing in Fall

Interestingly, 53% of Presidents said it was “very likely” that in-person classes would resume for some of the fall term. And 31% said it was “somewhat likely.”

Further details on the survey have been published on the ACE website here.

Purdue Approves Fall Re-Opening

In another sign that Colleges and Universities are adapting to the current situation, Purdue University’s Board of Trustees approved plans for a full academic calendar with in-person instruction running, starting at the end of August.

Further details on Purdue’s plans are available on their website.

Next Steps of Recovery Planning

As a committed partner of the Higher Ed community, we’ve been working with several institutions to help build recovery plans.

Because employment is a hot-button issue at the moment, we’re taking steps to help the community we’ve worked with for so long. LiveAlumni is currently offering monthly lists of alumni job changes to Higher Eds.

Schools are using this data to engage with alumni more effectively and some are even launching COVID-19 specific appeals.

If you want free monthly job changes on your own alumni or would like to know what other schools are doing, we’re happy to help. Get in touch below.

Request Free Monthly Job Changes on Your Alumni & Strategies for COVID-19


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