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MSMU | Identifying Top Employers and Continued Education for Enrollment Management

Tom Arteaga, Director of Alumnae Relations & Volunteer Engagement at Mount Saint Mary's University, CA, was looking for a quick, simple way to gather data to share the outcomes and success stories of their alums. His team was able to use LiveAlumni's up-to-date alumni data to accomplish this goal - and more!

MSMU Outcomes

Tom's Team was wanted to create a website to highlight how getting an education at Mount Saint Mary's University results in academic and professional success. This information is shared publicly for alumnae and prospective students to access along with results from their alumnae satisfaction survey. Having this updated information not allows prospective and current students to understand which companies are likely to employ graduates, but also emphasizes the value of the MSMU experience as a whole.

Alumni Data That Goes Beyond

"[LiveAlumni] is kind of beyond just data collection and updates. Obviously, that is a primary and a wonderful part of the platform. It's helped all of us update and maintain our databases, but one thing that we have done in partnership with our enrollment management team is (...) to use the data that we were able to pull out of LiveAlumni to create/help inform a website for outcomes at " said Arteaga during his LiveAlumni Talk.

Utilizing LiveAlumni's Industry Leading Support To The Max

By taking advantage of our stellar support team, Tom was able to have the reports created for him so he only needed to export the results. (Note: we offer this complimentary service to all users, at any level of subscription.)

"The LiveAlumni team helped us create these reports for all of these different areas.

It was 20-plus reports that they helped us create, and then we were able

to pull that data out, put it together, create a document and then share that with our colleagues."

Taking the Data Further

MSMU also worked with the LiveAlumni team to further segment the results and create lists for each academic department on the MSMU campus. This allowed Tom's team to use their LiveAlumni data to go a step further.

"This has been really helpful because we put together these one-sheets. Beyond the outcomes website, which is really targeted to prospective students and families, we did one-sheets for each department on campus as far as the academic department. It had some of their top grad schools or their top employers and job titles." Tom's team then met with different department chairs to provide them with the LiveAlumni data provided. By sharing this useful information, they were able to solidify their partnership and better understand what their goals are for future research.

"I think as we build partnerships with our campus partners, we're always thinking about what can we provide them? How can we support them and the work they're doing?

That's been a really nice feature (...), sharing our goals with them and try to get understand what their goals are so we can find some common areas to support one another."

Need help with a project like this?

All LiveAlumni subscriptions include access to our unmatched customer support - which includes unlimited users, training, custom report building, and more, at no extra cost. Just email us at with your request and we'll be happy to help.


Image Source: A special thanks to Tom Arteaga for sharing his experience and knowledge with the LiveAlumni Community!


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