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A Letter from our CEO on COVID - Part II

We're now several months into this pandemic and I hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy.  With many institutions reversing their decisions to reopen in the Fall, I've spent my time continuing discussions with partner schools and working with them to build recovery strategies. The entire LiveAlumni team has also been on a mission to put together new critical data options to help you as much as we can. If you missed my first letter, read it in full on our blog. 1. Build a Bigger Pool of Potential Donors Some schools are focusing on engaging with alumni and donors that they're already close to. This is a good start but institutions that are ahead of the curve are doing more. They're proactively using employment data to discover and engage important alums who they don't know yet. That means they're expanding their community and increasing their pool of potential donors for when fundraising begins again. 2. Foundations, Foundations, Foundations! Colleges & Universities have told us that foundations are going to be a crucial source of donations in the immediate future. But you often need a warm introduction to even be considered. We've pre-built reports in LiveAlumni that you can use to identify alums who sit on the board of a foundation or work for one, to help get your foot in the door. 3. Be Smart about Engagement Successful engagement happens when you talk to your alums about what's important and relevant to them right now. Use LiveAlumni to create alumni lists based on company, industry, location and more so you can be targeted in your communications rather than sending general messages to everyone. 4. Give Back to Your Alumni Unemployment is at record levels and many of your alums may be suffering. Reach out to let them know about your career services. A few institutions are even making certain online classes available for free to help up-skill their alumni. 5. Boost Enrollment Historically when the global economy is in recession, there is a significant increase in Higher Education enrollment. Identify specific groups of people who might be looking to go back to school by letting them know about relevant programs. For example, alums without post-graduate degrees might be considering getting a Master's. 6. Connect with Your Lost Alumni LiveAlumni's business emails have already helped certain clients reach out and connect with lost alumni. If business emails are not included in your account, let me know. 7. FREE Monthly Job Changes Since employment data is critical right now, we are continuing to provide free monthly lists of alumni who change jobs during COVID. As we identify more alums in our efforts to update other accounts, we will continue to send you complimentary changes. If you want monthly updates on a specific list of alumni, let's jump on a quick call: To discuss any of the strategies above, schedule a training session here.

Thank you & stay safe.


Tatia Zuloaga 

CEO, LiveAlumni | Sr Managing Director, IntellectSpace 


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