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How LinkedIn Data Helps You Stay Connected With Alumni

It’s a feat that seems impossible – gathering up-to-date employment data on alumni. But it’s the trending topic among colleges and universities today.

So how do you gather accurate employment data on your alumni?

LinkedIn employment data is the most valuable data around and it’s not easy to come by. Gathering this data is difficult, but not impossible.

What makes LinkedIn data so valuable?

Individuals are likely to keep their LinkedIn profile relevant to stay ahead of the competition. After all, LinkedIn is not just a social platform but a way for you to expand your professional network, job hunt or be hunted, and create your own personal digital footprint.

Since individuals are actively maintaining their social profile, it makes LinkedIn data accurate and up to date.

Capturing and Using Linkedin Data is perfectly legal, but you need to do it right.

It’s legal to capture LinkedIn data as long as you don´t log in to LinkedIn and don’t scrape people’s information that they have not made publicly available on their own. In fact, a resolution made its way in the HiQ vs. LinkedIn Lawsuit the first week of September 2019, regarding capturing public LinkedIn profiles.

9th circuit judge, Marsha Berzon said, “And as to the publicly available profiles, the users quite evidently intend them to be accessed by others, including for commercial purposes.”

We’re only talking about capturing public profiles. Information that is explicitly made public by a user that you can access without ever logging in to LinkedIn.

So if you’re using an external provider to capture the data for you, make sure that they’re not breaching this crucial guideline.

How we responsibly use public Linkedin data to help you stay connected.

LiveAlumni captures publicly available LinkedIn profiles and public contact information. We never capture any private or personal data. We believe that personal data is personal for a reason and should stay that way.

We supply exportable employment data to over 800 higher education institutions worldwide, changing how colleges and universities engage and prospect their alumni.

And the data doesn’t just benefit the institutions – it also helps keep alumni connected with their alma mater, present speaking opportunities, internships, mentorships, as well as actively participate in personal causes and interest to that individual.

College and university funding is becoming more and more of a challenge for higher education but it’s vital to their survival. Without millions of dollars donated to alma mater, scholarships, programs, innovate technology and infrastructure would not be available millions of students.

An Advancement or Database team that keeps their alumni database up to date with the latest employment data is providing an invaluable resource for their institution.

Interested in learning more about capturing LinkedIn employment data on your alumni?

LiveAlumni is an innovative platform that has changed the world of fundraising. We are the leading provider of employment data on your donors and alumni – captured in real-time from public social profiles for prospecting, engagement and data enrichment.


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