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A simple and secure database of over 300 million records that keeps your alumni and donor data updated and accurate! Employment data is never outdated and can be captured real-time upon request. Use LiveAlumni to identify major gift donors, track lost alumni, update your database, report alumni outcomes, find corporate sponsors, organize events and more.

Get Accurate Data

Get all the data you need on your alumni and donors – from employment to location, education history, organization memberships, volunteer roles, philanthropic causes of interest and more!

Identify Major Donors

Use key indicators such as high level titles, organization type & size, board memberships and philanthropic interests to identify your next prospective donor.

Update your database

Decide when to export the data into your database based on your own priorities – from the latest employment to lists of your top employers, industry specific searches, recent graduates, lost alumni and more.

Alerts & Notifications

LiveAlumni can keep you informed whenever an alumnus or donor changes their employment or location. Keeping track of the changes is easy.


After 14 years of experience in the industry, IntellectSpace has designed LiveAlumni specifically for educational institutions and nonprofits.

For educational institutions we create a searchable account which contains only all your own alumni.

Nonprofit accounts can search our entire database of prospective donors to identify those who have relevant philanthropic interests & board memberships.

LiveAlumni is simple to learn and easy to use.

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"At the end of the day, we are making a positive difference in this world.
With our assistance, universities are able to seek more donations and
give more students scholarships and resources to succeed."

Sandro Gvelesiani
Founder, LiveAlumni

Success Stories


“LiveAlumni has helped us identify business owners and individuals with senior management titles for additional research.” – Associate Vice President, Development


“We have discovered new prospects and segmented alumni for events specific invitations.” – Director, Alumni Engagement


“The greatest return was the amount of time saved in not having to compile results by hand.” – Vice President, Institutional Research


“Our current students greatly benefited from new, qualified mentors and speakers.” – Director, Career Service

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