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Unleashing Creativity in Alumni Engagement: The Denison Dash

This week we discuss how Denison University has found an innovative and fun approach to alumni engagement through their Denison Dash Virtual 5K. This unique event invites all Denisonians to move their way - walking, running, swimming, cycling, or even canoeing - for 3.1 miles, wherever they are in the world.

Breaking the Mold: The Denison Dash Virtual 5K

Participants have been creative with their entries, sending photos from the base camp of Mount Everest and other extraordinary locations. Not only is this a fun way to engage the Denison community, but it also allows alumni to support their alma mater and stay connected, regardless of their location.

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The Mechanics of the Dash

The Denison Dash Virtual 5K isn't your typical race. Participants choose their course, time themselves, and can complete the race at any pace, any time before the event deadline. All participants receive a race shirt and gain access to an online community specifically for this event.

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The Impact: Beyond Just a Race

The Dash is more than just a fun event—it supports Denison University. Proceeds from registration go towards the Annual Fund, which provides financial aid, scholarships, and faculty development.

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Ready, Set, Dash!

Join the race to engage your alumni creatively. Whether it's a virtual 5K like Denison University's Dash, or another event tailored to your alumni's interests, the key is thinking outside the box!

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A big thank you to Denison University's Sara Benedict, Director of Prospect Development and William Boorn, Associate Director of Prospect Development for sharing this story!


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