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Top Products & Services for Higher Ed Teams

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Ever wondered what products and services other Colleges and Universities are using to help with the alumni and donor activities? What their best and worst features are and how much they cost?

We reached out to our 5000 users across Higher Ed to get those answers and we're sharing their responses below.

Donor Database

Most Popular Platform:

Raiser's Edge or Raiser's Edge NXT - 52.7%

Interesting fact: Some schools without a dedicated donor database have been using LiveAlumni instead!

Best Features of Raiser's Edge / NXT:

Flexibility 37.9%

Reporting 24.1%

Easy to Use 20%.

Worst Features of Raiser's Edge / NXT:

There were a number of different features mentioned in the responses including:



Training Time

Having to transition between RE Classic & NXT / Web View & Database View

Cost of Raiser's Edge / NXT (Annual):

A sizeable majority of respondents (44%) pay between $25,000 and $50,000 annually for Raiser's Edge or RE NXT.

Alumni Database

Almost all respondents said they use the same database for Alumni & Donors.

Alumni Engagement Platform

Most Popular Platform:

Blackbaud NetCommunity 15%

Graduway 10%

Best Features of Blackbaud NetCommunity:

RE NXT Integration 80%

Worst Features of Blackbaud NetCommunity:

Limited Features/Functionality 66%

Difficult to use 33%

Cost of Blackbaud NetCommunity (Annual):

Inconclusive responses. Range anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000

Mentorship Platform

Most Popular Platform:

Most users reported either not using or not being aware of a mentorship platform.

Of those who did respond, the most widely used product was Graduway at 29.4%.

Best Features of Graduway:

Easy to Use 40%

Worst Features of Graduway

No Integration with other Data Systems

Cost of Graduway (Annual)

$10,001 - $25,000 40%

$25,001 - $50,000 40%

Phone, Email & Address Appends

Most Popular Platform:

Blackbaud - 57%

Alumni Finder 21.4%

Best Features of Blackbaud:

Easy to Use 25%.

Worst Features of Blackbaud:

Inconclusive responses. Includes Limited Options, Junk Data and Difficulties in Updating.

Cost of Blackbaud (Annual):

$2,501 - $5,000 66.7%

Wealth Screening

Most Popular Platform:

ResearchPoint 25%

iWave 21.9%

TargetAnalytics 18.7%

Best Features of ResearchPoint:

Integration with Database 83.3%

Worst Features of ResearchPoint:

Low Match Confidence 50%

Cost of ResearchPoint (Annual):

$5,001 and $10,000 60%

Employment Data

Most Popular Platform:

All our partners are LiveAlumni users, but notably, almost 80% use LiveAlumni as their ONLY source.

Best Features of LiveAlumni:

We were delighted to see the variety of different features that our users said they liked about LiveAlumni! Top 3:

Reports 20%

Easy to Use 16%

Accuracy 12%

Worst Features of LiveAlumni:

Importing Data Takes Time 31.3 %

Too Few Data Refreshes 18.8 %

We never like hearing that there's anything our users are not 100% happy with! So here are some quick notes:

  • Importing - we are already working on ways to make importing faster and easier.

  • Data Refreshes - if you need more data refreshes, these can be added throughout the year. Please contact us at and a member of our team will be happy to walk you through your options.

Don't have a LiveAlumni subscription? Schedule a FREE Live Demo.

If your school needs Employment Data and does not have a LiveAlumni subscription, please get in touch to schedule a free demo with us. During the demo, we'll walk you through all the different data we can provide and share a little bit about how other schools are using our data to boost their fundraising, engagement and research strategies, post-COVID.


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