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Feature Spotlight | Live Reports

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

With job changes at an all-time high, industry analysts are all talking about the phenomena that they're calling the great resignation. PricewaterhouseCoopers' latest Pulse Survey results state that 65% of U.S. employees and executives were seeking a new job this month alone. With that in mind, the obvious question for Higher Ed teams is, how can your alumni employment data possibly be up to date with such fast-paced job changes? That's where Live Reports come in.

An Introduction to LiveReports

Live Reports are similar to traditional reports except that they’re dynamic!

That means you can set filters to quickly segment your data and the results will be automatically updated every time you receive your complimentary monthly job changes. It’s the most current information available for your school, every time you run a report!

LiveReports can be viewed as a list or as visual maps, graphs and charts. You choose how you want to see the latest data on your alumni. Say goodbye to static data forever with Live Reports!

Learn How to Use Live Reports

Live Reports are available for all LiveAlumni users. Want some help getting started?

  1. Login to LiveAlumni

  2. Search for "Training Videos and Guides" in your LiveAlumni Helpdesk.started


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