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Successful Prospecting, Engagement & Careers Initiatives

Earlier this month, Daniel Ledford of Emory College of Arts and Sciences shared some insights into how he and his colleagues have been using LiveAlumni to improve their connections with Emory alumni. Daniel is the Associate Director of Alumni Relations at the school of Arts and Sciences. He began his advancement career in 2013 at Yale University’s Divinity School and has been at Emory since 2015.

During the webinar, Daniel shared four specific initiatives that Emory College has improved with the help of LiveAlumni.

Location, Location, Location

It’s really tough to see alumni when you don’t know where to find them. The Emory College CRM only allows the Alumni office to update geographic information with a physical mailing address. However, with LiveAlumni, Daniel and his team are able to pull real-time lists of alumni in specific areas who have recently moved or who haven’t officially updated their address with the College – allowing them to identify key information such as alumni who are bi-coastal or who have separate cities for residential and professional locations.

Connecting Alumni with Enrolled Students

Emory has started a student shadowing program, Emory Career Discovery Days. In this program, enrolled students are matched with alumni in specific industries and regions to gain experiential learning opportunities alongside professionals that earned Emory degrees. Pairing students and alumni requires accurate data about alumni professions and regions, which Daniel’s team was able to retrieve by running industry and location specific queries in LiveAlumni.

Prospect Research

Daniel’s team makes contributions to their Advancement operations far beyond engagement with alumni.  They use LiveAlumni to research prospective donors with the capacity to make significant investments in Emory College of Arts and Sciences. They often run lists by city, industry or keywords and find alumni who have giving capacity. They are then able to refer these prospects to development officers and supply additional information that isn’t available from their CRM.

Enhanced Endowment Reports

Each year 20-30 students per class receive full scholarships and stipends from a principal gift that the College received in the 1980’s. Because these scholarships are from an endowed fund, the College provides an annual report to the foundation that made the initial gift. Using LiveAlumni, Daniel is able to share information about how the alumni of this program are being cultivated by the College for continued engagement.

Working closely with LiveAlumni’s support team, a custom report was designed to help Emory pull a list by region to engage this specific group of scholar alumni for special events, engagements with present student scholars and to host small gatherings of these scholar alumni in their home cities.

Finally, Daniel’s team are also able to provide the donating foundation with up to date industry and career information about the alumni scholars that benefitted from their principal gift.

Daniel’s Closing Insights

Each of these use cases has added value to the connections that the Emory College advancement team is able to make with Emory alumni. LiveAlumni has saved the College time in identification and research and it allows them to offer collaborative information to other offices at the College, such as the development office and career services. They’ve even used LiveAlumni to populate alumni volunteer roles by researching alumni volunteer histories in LinkedIn.

Ultimately, alumni information is now easier to acquire, analyze and apply for the team at Emory College.  

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