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Rekindling the Spark: Engaging with Historic Student Athletes

three young university athletes

The Puzzle: Pinpointing Historic Student Athletes on LinkedIn

Universities often find it challenging when trying to reconnect with their historic student athletes, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. The reason? These standout individuals, more often than not, don't prominently showcase their athletic backgrounds on their profiles.

The LiveAlumni Solution

Here's the exciting part: We have an innovative solution for this challenge!

Instead of spending countless hours navigating the vast maze of LinkedIn, institutions have a straightforward and efficient solution. You can identify these athletes internally through their unique IDs. Once this list is compiled, our in-house reporting experts step in, ready to assist.

By integrating these unique internal IDs on the LiveAlumni platform, we can swiftly generate a comprehensive report within LiveAlumni based on precise matches with the data that we have captured for your alumni. In this way, you can explore where your athletes are today - looking at their current employment information and any further education information that that they may have received.

The Payoff: Unlocking a Goldmine of Opportunities

1. Emotional Connection and Nostalgia

Historic student athletes resonate with the heartbeats of the institutions they represented. Reigniting these bonds sparks powerful nostalgia and reinforces their deep connection to their alma mater.

2. Role Models & Inspiration

Their legacy serves as a beacon for current students. By celebrating their achievements, institutions inspire pride and ambition in upcoming generations.

3. Strengthening Alumni Relations

Reinvigorating these relationships breathes life into the alumni community, fostering lasting ties and an active network.

4. Enhanced Fundraising Efforts

Many of these former athletes have scaled heights post-graduation, making them potential key contributors to fundraising initiatives.

5. Boosting Institutional Reputation

Their accomplishments vouch for an institution's prowess, upping its appeal to potential students and donors.

6. Athletic Program Boost

Their involvement can be a catalyst for the enhancement of current athletic programs, leading to better facilities and increased scholarships.

7. Networking Opportunities

Their post-graduation journeys can present networking goldmines for current students, opening doors to mentorship and professional advancement.

8. Preserving Legacy & Tradition

Their active participation in university endeavors upholds the rich traditions and legacy of the institution.

The Road Ahead: Engaging More Historic Student Athletes

Engaging historic student athletes is more than a celebratory reunion—it's a strategic initiative that can significantly boost an institution's aspirations. With tools like LiveAlumni and the expertise of our in-house team, the task becomes less of a challenge and more of an adventure. Together, we can strengthen bonds, fortify legacies, and pave the way for future successes.

Want tailored strategies to optimize your institution's outreach? Drop us a line at Let's script more success stories!


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