LinkedIn Has a Treasure Trove of New Donors

Fundraisers know that earning the support of returning and new donors is like discovering a buried treasure. There are many benefits that nonprofits can gain from having an established, long-term relationship with returning donors and volunteers. But Fundraisers can also find themselves running into walls. Donors move away, pass away, and can change their giving Read more about LinkedIn Has a Treasure Trove of New Donors[…]

Venturing into New Fundraising Networks

With groundbreaking science and innovations taking place in the University setting, it’s the common hope of students and schools to develop those talents and discoveries into viable businesses. But we all know that this goal requires capital. So why not take a page from funded business founders who gain their startup revenue from Venture Capitalists Read more about Venturing into New Fundraising Networks[…]

Myths about LinkedIn Data – Don’t Believe the Hype!

Have you fallen prey to the myths circulating about who is and who isn’t using LinkedIn? From “they’re all 20-somethings looking for jobs” to “you should only connect with people you know”, there are a lot of false assumptions about LinkedIn users. So we’ve gathered actual statistics to help you make informed decisions about what Read more about Myths about LinkedIn Data – Don’t Believe the Hype![…]

The Power of Relationship Mapping for Higher Education

What is Relationship Mapping? Relationship Mapping is a way to achieve your goals by connecting who you know to who you want to know. The bigger your relationship capital or the larger your web of contacts, the more you increase your chances of success. With the mass amount of data that is available in this Read more about The Power of Relationship Mapping for Higher Education[…]

Track & Engage Expat Alumni

Organizations today are more global than ever. They operate in different countries and cultures and understand the value of international diversity. Modern CEOs are global citizens with multi-cultural overseas experience. [1] Unfortunately, prospect research and development officers often overlook expatriate and international alumni because they are so difficult to track and locate. It is tough Read more about Track & Engage Expat Alumni[…]