A Spotlight on the Celebrities Who Support Education

Whether they’ve funded scholarships, projects, programs or given millions to many institutions – Celebrity giving has allowed U.S. colleges and universities to gain their highly needed resources, all while giving them a boost of positive publicity at the same time! The headlines in mainstream media are just the beginning, the majority of celebrities are making Read more about A Spotlight on the Celebrities Who Support Education[…]

Venturing into New Fundraising Networks

With groundbreaking science and innovations taking place in the University setting, it’s the common hope of students and schools to develop those talents and discoveries into viable businesses. But we all know that this goal requires capital. So why not take a page from funded business founders who gain their startup revenue from Venture Capitalists Read more about Venturing into New Fundraising Networks[…]

Identifying Alumni Donor Prospects: Top Industries

While in the not-so-distant past the manufacturing industry was considered one of the largest income-producing sectors to work for in the United States, in this day and age the manufacturing industry has been knocked down several notches and replaced by the Investments, Technology, Media, Energy and Food and Beverage sectors. [1] Industry rankings may vary Read more about Identifying Alumni Donor Prospects: Top Industries[…]

The Spirit of Entrepreneur Donors

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg – what do these men have in common? Well, apart from being some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern age, they are all well-known philanthropists with a history of charitable giving – and they’re not alone. A report by the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund and Ernst Read more about The Spirit of Entrepreneur Donors[…]