How Hobbies Can Help find Major Donors

To raise funds for institutional campaigns and causes, you will likely focus on engaging with your pool of potential alumni donors. For this, you need a strong two-step approach. Find wealthy prospects with the capacity to give and then reach out to them based on topics that they can relate to. Using a prospect’s hobby Read more about How Hobbies Can Help find Major Donors[…]

Engaging Donors: Prospecting & Affinity

Propensity, in the fundraising world, is someone’s tendency to get involved in philanthropy. This is their likelihood to make a donation, of either money or time. To discover an individual’s propensity, check their giving history. Have they given? How often? How much? Affinity is defined as someone’s natural liking for someone or something. So, put Read more about Engaging Donors: Prospecting & Affinity[…]