CEOs Are Giving Back In Big Ways

Few CEOs have achieved their professional success without having gained a foundational college education. Some have gone on to earn post-graduate or doctoral degrees, while others achieved success through a different path. Whether these CEOs attended for 4 years or 4 weeks, earned straight As or passed by with Cs – the way that they’re Read more about CEOs Are Giving Back In Big Ways[…]

A Spotlight on the Celebrities Who Support Education

Whether they’ve funded scholarships, projects, programs or given millions to many institutions – Celebrity giving has allowed U.S. colleges and universities to gain their highly needed resources, all while giving them a boost of positive publicity at the same time! The headlines in mainstream media are just the beginning, the majority of celebrities are making Read more about A Spotlight on the Celebrities Who Support Education[…]

Enhancing International Development & Fundraising Strategies

Colleges and Universities attract more than a million international students to the United States each year. These students matriculate through U.S. schools and then go out into the world with the education that they’ve gained – just like our domestic students do. So why not maintain relationships with them, as we do with the students who Read more about Enhancing International Development & Fundraising Strategies[…]