LinkedIn Has a Treasure Trove of New Donors

Fundraisers know that earning the support of returning and new donors is like discovering a buried treasure. There are many benefits that nonprofits can gain from having an established, long-term relationship with returning donors and volunteers. But Fundraisers can also find themselves running into walls. Donors move away, pass away, and can change their giving Read more about LinkedIn Has a Treasure Trove of New Donors[…]

Venturing into New Fundraising Networks

With groundbreaking science and innovations taking place in the University setting, it’s the common hope of students and schools to develop those talents and discoveries into viable businesses. But we all know that this goal requires capital. So why not take a page from funded business founders who gain their startup revenue from Venture Capitalists Read more about Venturing into New Fundraising Networks[…]

University Networking Events: Investors & Entrepreneurs

‘Networking plays a role in 70-75% of all jobs filled’ and can make a significant impact in advancing an individual’s career, according to Cornell University. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, networking is even more important for achieving success. They rely on social capital – a web of contacts – to give advice and, sometimes, more Read more about University Networking Events: Investors & Entrepreneurs[…]

Using Your Existing Alumni Data to Enhance Donor Engagement – Part I

Working closely with clients over the years, we have discovered that institutions using LinkedIn alumni data can apply certain strategic processes to save time and money while engaging alumni. Often, simply changing the way the data is used can help improve results. For example, we’ve noticed that higher education institutions typically use ‘current employment’ as Read more about Using Your Existing Alumni Data to Enhance Donor Engagement – Part I[…]

The Spirit of Entrepreneur Donors

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg – what do these men have in common? Well, apart from being some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern age, they are all well-known philanthropists with a history of charitable giving – and they’re not alone. A report by the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund and Ernst Read more about The Spirit of Entrepreneur Donors[…]