It’s Not Too Late to Participate in Giving Tuesday 2018!

By now you may have your turkey thawing and a list of the stores you’ll be visiting early on the morning of Black Friday. Some people have signed up for multiple email lists that will keep them informed of the hottest online sales as they become available for Cyber Monday too. How prepared are you Read more about It’s Not Too Late to Participate in Giving Tuesday 2018![…]

Who Gives Mega Gifts and Why?

In June, the National University System received a $100 Million gift from a single donor to promote social-emotional learning. This mega gift is one of the dozens of big gifts received by Colleges and Universities during the 2018 fiscal year. The Chronicle of Higher Education shows that gifts of $50 Million and above were given to Read more about Who Gives Mega Gifts and Why?[…]

CEOs Are Giving Back In Big Ways

Few CEOs have achieved their professional success without having gained a foundational college education. Some have gone on to earn post-graduate or doctoral degrees, while others achieved success through a different path. Whether these CEOs attended for 4 years or 4 weeks, earned straight As or passed by with Cs – the way that they’re Read more about CEOs Are Giving Back In Big Ways[…]

A Spotlight on the Celebrities Who Support Education

Whether they’ve funded scholarships, projects, programs or given millions to many institutions – Celebrity giving has allowed U.S. colleges and universities to gain their highly needed resources, all while giving them a boost of positive publicity at the same time! The headlines in mainstream media are just the beginning, the majority of celebrities are making Read more about A Spotlight on the Celebrities Who Support Education[…]

Enhancing International Development & Fundraising Strategies

Colleges and Universities attract more than a million international students to the United States each year. These students matriculate through U.S. schools and then go out into the world with the education that they’ve gained – just like our domestic students do. So why not maintain relationships with them, as we do with the students who Read more about Enhancing International Development & Fundraising Strategies[…]