CEOs Are Giving Back In Big Ways

Few CEOs have achieved their professional success without having gained a foundational college education. Some have gone on to earn post-graduate or doctoral degrees, while others achieved success through a different path. Whether these CEOs attended for 4 years or 4 weeks, earned straight As or passed by with Cs – the way that they’re Read more about CEOs Are Giving Back In Big Ways[…]

University Networking Events: Investors & Entrepreneurs

‘Networking plays a role in 70-75% of all jobs filled’ and can make a significant impact in advancing an individual’s career, according to Cornell University. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, networking is even more important for achieving success. They rely on social capital – a web of contacts – to give advice and, sometimes, more Read more about University Networking Events: Investors & Entrepreneurs[…]

Donor-Advised Funds – What Fundraisers Should Know

Donor-advised funds are the ‘fastest-growing vehicle in philanthropy’ according to the National Philanthropic Trust. For the 6th consecutive year individual donor-advised funds, or DAFs, have increased by 6%. And in 2016 alone over $15.75 billion was granted to charities from DAFs. Although the popularity of this style of giving has increased in recent past, its Read more about Donor-Advised Funds – What Fundraisers Should Know[…]