Which Universities Produce The Most CEOs?

Our team researched alumni statistics on higher education institutions, based on data we’ve captured. We compared the Total Number of CEOs vs. Total Number of Alumni. The results are impressive! Alumni who become CEOs can be a major asset to any institution. CEOs are often board members, mentors and play an important role in our alumni community. CEO are categorized into small, mid-sized or large companies. Taking a Read more about Which Universities Produce The Most CEOs?[…]

planning helps engage alumni for mega gifts

Mega Gift Donations & How You Can Get Them

An anonymous $100 million mega gift donation was made to Baylor University this week. It is the largest major gift the school has ever received. And it’s just one in a series of multi-million dollar donations from Baylor alumni and families that came as part of a $1.1 billion fundraising campaign. Baylor University is a Read more about Mega Gift Donations & How You Can Get Them[…]

What’s Worse than no Alumni Data? Bad Data!

Everyone is talking about it. It’s in the news. It’s on our phones, our tablets, and our computers. It’s everywhere – and it shapes the basis of almost every decision we make. It’s Data.

And when it comes to alumni engagement it’s become a BIG part of the conversation.