University Networking Events: Investors & Entrepreneurs

‘Networking plays a role in 70-75% of all jobs filled’ and can make a significant impact in advancing an individual’s career, according to Cornell University. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, networking is even more important for achieving success. They rely on social capital – a web of contacts – to give advice and, sometimes, more Read more about University Networking Events: Investors & Entrepreneurs[…]

Top Tips to Solicit Non-Alumni Donors

Donations to higher education institutions have been increasing year on year for some time now. According to the Council for Aid to Education, donations in 2015 showed a huge increase and although 2016 was challenging, donations still continued to show an upward trend. In fact, last year’s CAE study showed that colleges and universities raised $41 Read more about Top Tips to Solicit Non-Alumni Donors[…]

Engaging Donors: Prospecting & Affinity

Propensity, in the fundraising world, is someone’s tendency to get involved in philanthropy. This is their likelihood to make a donation, of either money or time. To discover an individual’s propensity, check their giving history. Have they given? How often? How much? Affinity is defined as someone’s natural liking for someone or something. So, put Read more about Engaging Donors: Prospecting & Affinity[…]