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Feature Spotlight | BBCRM API

Database managers across the globe agree: alumni data is changing faster than ever before. According to Bankrate’s August jobseeker survey, 55% of Americans anticipate looking for a new job in the next 12 months. As alumni change jobs, LiveAlumni captures and delivers this information back to its users to help you keep up with the latest changes. But chances are, you won't have this data inside your database yet. Wondering how can you keep your database up to date with this ever-changing data? Watch this video on our awesome API Integration with BB CRM!

BB CRM Integration with LiveAlumni

With our API integration, you can seamlessly keep up with LiveAlumni's constant data updates. The minute a job change occurs inside LiveAlumni, you'll be able to see that data right in your CRM - even before your data team has imported it back.

Key benefits:

  • Mirror LiveAlumni data inside BBCRM without importing

  • Realtime employment updates

  • Track Job changes and career moves monthly

  • Easily sync your data

Note: Access to the data can be restricted to LiveAlumni account holders only.

Learn More about the integration

If you‘re a BB CRM user and would like to hear more about this integration, email us at

BB CRM Training Material

If you're a LiveAlumni and BB CRM user check out the latest training materials below:

  1. Log into LiveAlumni

  2. Search for Training Videos inside your LiveAlumni Helpdesk.

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