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Go Beyond Alumni

Get unlimited access to over 53 million prospective donors. View any individual’s full profile. Create unlimited lists. Export data in bulk. Match records & employers against your database or CRM.


More Data. Better Engagement. New Donors.

Reach 53+ Million Professionals

Access our entire database of 53+ million self-reported professional profiles from around the world.

Enrich & Enhance Your Data

Get employment history, education, board affiliations, philanthropic interests on friends, parents & donor-prospects.

Build Better Prospect Lists

Use title, company, location, industry, interests & more to build lists for strategic prospecting.

Identify New Donors

Find the people who show an interest in your cause by volunteering, joining groups and sitting on relevant boards.



How is Globl different from LiveAlumni?

LiveAlumni gives you access to a wealth of data on your alumni so you can engage and prospect them effectively. Globl helps you expand your search beyond just alumni and capture that data on any group – based on any criteria that you want to focus on e.g. friends, parents, community-leaders, donor-prospects who volunteer or sit on relevant boards & more.

Why do I Need Data for Non-Alumni?

Around 20% of Higher Ed donations come from non-alumni individual donors. That means there’s a 1 in 5 chance that your next transformative gift will come from outside your alumni pool.

In fact, the CAE reported almost 74% of Higher Ed donations in 2017 came from non-alumni individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations. Globl helps you expand your engagement beyond alumni by capturing data to help identify prospective donors within your community – whether they’re parents, friends or people who have volunteered for or supported educational causes in the past.

Can I try it for free?

Of course! We offer a free 1-week trial which gives you access to our entire database of 53+ million professionals.

Am I locked in for 12 months?

Nope. Our most popular plans are paid monthly and you can choose to cancel – or upgrade – at any time.

Can I pay for just one month?

All our plans are monthly recurring plans however you can cancel at any time. To access Globl for one month, just sign up for the plan you want and cancel before your next monthly billing date.