April 7, 2017

Fundamentals of Fundraising

Donor Retention for Annual Success
Charitable giving in the US has increased nearly every year since the late 1970’s. Blackbaud’s 2017 Charitable Giving Report stated that
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Top Online Fundraising Ideas for Higher Education
Alumni both young and old are relying more and more on technology to donate to their alma mater. In 2016, online
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The Untapped Potential of your International Alumni
According to the 2016 edition of Education at a Glance, the number of international students worldwide has grown tremendously over
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Double Alumni Donations with Matching Gifts
If you are looking to make the most of every dollar given to your school this year then matching gifts
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Webinar Overview: How the University of Georgia Enriched their Alumni Records & Enhanced Fundraising
In March 2018, LiveAlumni welcomed our guest host, Derek Clark, at a Hot Topic Webinar. Derek is the Senior Director
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