April 7, 2017

Fundamentals of Fundraising

COVID-19 Strategy: Strengthening Alumni & Donor Relationships
In this time of uncertainty and upheaval, it’s been heartening to see the compassionate and generous nature of the Higher
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Top Trends In Higher Education Fundraising
We spent the latter half of the last decade engaging with nearly 800 universities around the world and dedicated over
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These Are The Business Schools That Produce The Most CEOs
It’s no secret people who invest in an MBA are looking to secure high-level positions. But having alumni who actually
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How LinkedIn Data Helps You Stay Connected With Alumni
It’s a feat that seems impossible – gathering up-to-date employment data on alumni. But it’s the trending topic among colleges
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Two-thirds Charitable Donations Made By Women – Prospect Your Alumnae
Mackenzie Bezos plans to donate an enormous $18 billion dollars to charity. This comes as the most recent in a
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Which Universities Produce The Most CEOs?
Our team researched alumni statistics on higher education institutions, based on data we’ve captured. We compared the Total Number of CEOs vs. Total Number of Alumni. The
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planning helps small schools get big donations
Small Colleges Can Get BIG Donations
Cape Cod Community College is not a large University. But this small institution punches well above its weight when it
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planning helps engage alumni for mega gifts
Mega Gift Donations & How You Can Get Them
An anonymous $100 million mega gift donation was made to Baylor University this week. It is the largest major gift
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What’s Worse than no Alumni Data? Bad Data!
Everyone is talking about it. It's in the news. It’s on our phones, our tablets, and our computers. It’s everywhere
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What’s all the fuss about Employment Data? Strategies to Boost Engagement & Fundraising
We believe that no Higher Education institution – no matter how big or small – should ever have to struggle
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