April 7, 2017

Fundamentals of Fundraising

£100 Million Generous Donation To Make Large Impact For The University Of Cambridge

Feb 07

This week, a £100 Million major gift was made to the University of Cambridge by physics graduate and successful hedge fund manager David Harding and wife Claudia. The gift is Cambridge’s largest gift from a British donor in recent history. It’s not

LiveAlumni Newsfeed: Where Are Your Alumni Going?

Dec 11

LiveAlumni expert Vanessa Carbonell – who has conducted over 150 training sessions with our higher education clients over the past couple of months – has noticed a pattern during her training sessions: colleges and universities and often surprised to find that more and more of their alumni are

Donors Love To Be On The Winning Team

Nov 29

Who doesn’t want to be a part of the winning team? We know how much fun it can be to cheer for the winners of the Rose Bowl or your team in March-Madness Final Four. Thousands of fans are putting their money where their pom poms are and

It’s Not Too Late to Participate in Giving Tuesday 2018!

Nov 20

By now you may have your turkey thawing and a list of the stores you’ll be visiting early on the morning of Black Friday. Some people have signed up for multiple email lists that will keep them informed of the hottest online sales as they become available for

How Corporate Relations Can Help Young Alumni Find The Jobs They Want

Nov 07

With Millennials forecasted to make up 50% of the American workforce by 2020, colleges need to know where their alumni and present students are going to be needed. Just as important, we need to know where our alumni and present students want to take their skills. It’s up

CEOs Are Giving Back In Big Ways

Oct 24

Few CEOs have achieved their professional success without having gained a foundational college education. Some have gone on to earn post-graduate or doctoral degrees, while others achieved success through a different path. Whether these CEOs attended for 4 years or 4 weeks, earned straight As or passed by

A Spotlight on the Celebrities Who Support Education

Oct 18

Whether they’ve funded scholarships, projects, programs or given millions to many institutions – Celebrity giving has allowed U.S. colleges and universities to gain their highly needed resources, all while giving them a boost of positive publicity at the same time! The headlines in mainstream media are just the beginning, the

Enhancing International Development & Fundraising Strategies

Oct 16

Colleges and Universities attract more than a million international students to the United States each year. These students matriculate through U.S. schools and then go out into the world with the education that they’ve gained – just like our domestic students do. So why not maintain

LinkedIn Has a Treasure Trove of New Donors

Oct 04

Fundraisers know that earning the support of returning and new donors is like discovering a buried treasure. There are many benefits that nonprofits can gain from having an established, long-term relationship with returning donors and volunteers. But Fundraisers can also find themselves running into walls. Donors

Venturing into New Fundraising Networks

Sep 26

With groundbreaking science and innovations taking place in the University setting, it’s the common hope of students and schools to develop those talents and discoveries into viable businesses. But we all know that this goal requires capital. So why not take a page from funded business founders who

Technology + Collaboration = Alumni Engagement and Support

Sep 26

As higher education fundraisers, it can become tempting to see the tasks of our own departments as unique and separate from the rest of the school, but to our donors (past, present, and future) we’re all part of the same organization. During a recent Hot

Myths about LinkedIn Data – Don’t Believe the Hype!

Aug 22

Have you fallen prey to the myths circulating about who is and who isn’t using LinkedIn? From “they’re all 20-somethings looking for jobs” to “you should only connect with people you know”, there are a lot of false assumptions about LinkedIn users. So we’ve gathered actual statistics to

Successful Prospecting, Engagement & Careers Initiatives

Jul 21

Earlier this month, Daniel Ledford of Emory College of Arts and Sciences shared some insights into how he and his colleagues have been using LiveAlumni to improve their connections with Emory alumni. Daniel is the Associate

Social Fundraising: Engage New Supporters Through Personal Connections

Jun 18

Social fundraising is one of those strategies people aren’t entirely sure about yet. How much does it really help when people share your organization on social media? Nonprofit Tech for Good, “The arc of success for digital fundraising has just begun.” As people like and share