Double Alumni Donations with Matching Gifts

If you are looking to make the most of every dollar given to your school this year then matching gifts should be a part of your fundraising appeals.

Matching gifts programs are a way companies give back by matching the charitable donations made by their employees. If an employee donates $150 to their alma mater, for example, this could become $300 or more if their company has agreed to triple or quadruple employee gifts.

Why Match Gifts?

An estimated $6-$10 billion in matching gift funds get left behind each year! That is a lot of donations that are not being taken advantage of!

Apart from extra funds, major gifts is a fundraising strategy in itself. The added value of matching a gift increases donor engagement and prompts donors to give moreThis can double the amount of an average donation – and that is before the matching gift is accounted for!

Educate your Donors about Matching Gifts

Make it your mission to inform donors about matching gifts. Around 18 million individuals work for a company who offers matching gifts, but many employees don’t know about it. Consider adding mention of matching gifts here:

  • Your marketing communications – emails and social media outreach
  • Your website – think about listing these top matching gifts companies
  • During the donation process

Matching Gift Details

65% of Fortune 500 Companies have matching gifts programs – but, how do you know exactly which ones, the details of their program, or what requirements they have? You could research the companies one-by-one, however, this can be time-consuming. Using a vendor makes a lot more sense if you’re planning on searching for all alumni employer’s matching gifts data. A vendor is able to provide you with company’s matching gift details in bulk so you can make sure you are not missing out on extra donations.

Consider a company like Double the Donation who are leaders in matching gift data. They use employment data to find over 98% of individuals eligible for matching gifts. They provide program details and all the necessary information to make the matching gift submission as easy as possible, not to mention, they share plenty of strategies and statistics to help you be as efficient as possible.

Annual giving has been on the decline in past years – something we’ll examine in a future blog – but these smaller gifts still add up to big changes for many colleges and universities. Matching gifts could be the motivation these individuals need to continue giving back. The most important thing you can do is inform your alumni and other donors that these programs are available!


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