Find Major Donors with ‘Incredible Prospects’

Have you ever wondered what makes an incredible prospect? Could it be their employment title? Whether they are employees of public or private companies? Does the size of the company make a difference? Are individuals with postgraduate degrees more likely to donate? Or perhaps individuals who sit on a board tend to give major donations?

The truth is that all of these criteria matter. An incredible prospect is often someone with a senior executive position – indicating that they may have the capacity to donate a gift. They also usually own or work for mid-size to large public and private companies. Another crucial factor is if they sit on a board – as this often indicates that they understand the value of giving and are more likely to make a major gift donation. 

As a result of all these different criteria, lead generation for great prospective donors can take a good deal of work. Whether you are going through your database manually or using a program that helps generate leads for you, it takes time to comb through data and qualify individuals.

Imagine a tool that could search through your lists of constituents to find the best prospective donors! A tool that could save you time and effort by compiling a list of new prospects with the click of a button…

Incredible Prospects by LiveAlumni – available now!

Welcome to Incredible Prospects a great new feature that automatically searches through the thousands of individuals within your LiveAlumni account and produces a list of great potential donors

The search focuses on people with senior level employment titles such as president, CEO, owner, etc. and includes further qualifying criteria such as company size and type. In addition, the Incredible Prospects feature is specially tailored to your account and the number of profiles you have in LiveAlumni.

With Incredible Prospects lead generation is faster & more effective – taking you one step closer to finding new major gift donors.

Log into LiveAlumni to find some incredible prospects today!

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