Segmenting Alumni Data for Long-Term Campaigns

Ad hoc searches are a feature that many clients love about LiveAlumni. In a time crunch, whipping together a special list of prospects is a no-brainer. But what about segmenting data in a strategic way to drive large-scale campaigns throughout the year? Well – we can help with that too! The Key is Data Segmentation Read more about Segmenting Alumni Data for Long-Term Campaigns[…]

Track Your Young Alumni – Get Undergraduates to Use LinkedIn

As students graduate the pursuit for these young alumni begins. Tracking recent graduates is notoriously difficult as they move away from their alma mater. New careers begin, contact information becomes outdated, many move locations, some marry and change names – a number of changes happen in a relatively short period of time that can make Read more about Track Your Young Alumni – Get Undergraduates to Use LinkedIn[…]

Find Major Donors with ‘Incredible Prospects’

Have you ever wondered what makes an incredible prospect? Could it be their employment title? Whether they are employees of public or private companies? Does the size of the company make a difference? Are individuals with postgraduate degrees more likely to donate? Or perhaps individuals who sit on a board tend to give major donations? Read more about Find Major Donors with ‘Incredible Prospects’[…]

University Grants for a Shrinking Budget

The new fiscal year is about to begin for many universities and budgeting is proving to be daunting task for institutions that are facing shrinking federal funding. Could a grant be the answer to your budgeting struggles? As the Chronicle of Philanthropy recently reported, some foundations are boosting grants to offset the impact of government Read more about University Grants for a Shrinking Budget[…]

Fundraising for Special Appeals & Global Initiatives

“The challenges posed by the 21st century have increasingly required an international outlook from the world’s leading universities.” [1] There is more opportunity for collaboration, funding, and a general sense of connectivity between students, faculty, and culture worldwide. Many initiatives and fundraising appeals are now focusing on causes with a more a global impact. Let’s Read more about Fundraising for Special Appeals & Global Initiatives[…]